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‘Safety By Design … Not By Chance’


When transporting chilled meals or vaccines, the Sof-Pac® bags will maintain a stable temperature of between 2°C - 8°C no matter how hot the external temperature is at the time. The Sof-Pac® bags are also specifically designed for the delivery of hot meals, maintaining the internal temperature above 65°C during delivery.

Product Description

Sof-Pac® insulated delivery containers, along with the Sof-Pac® Shelf, are the perfect idea when it comes to the transport of temperature sensitive commodities. We strive to provide the total solution for temperature control when transporting items such as the delivery of hot and cold food, shipping ice cream, to pharmaceuticals. The Sof-Pac® bag is being used with great success at - Aurukun, Kowanyama and Hopevale in 45°C+ temperatures.

We also help client’s design special packaging for those out of the ordinary products that require special handling and critical temperature maintenance.

Benefits of Sof-Pac®

Sof-Pac® Insulated delivery container for delivery of temperature sensitive products; hot or cold

  • Designed to hold temperatures without additional passive or active support or in conjunction with ‘Flexible Ice Blankets’ for extreme temperatures
  • Unit knocks down flat for easy cleaning, storage and bulk return.
  • Washable with ordinary soap/bleach and water
  • Available with side handles and shoulder straps

Product Sizes Available

Bag Size Code Internal Measurements Example of Meal Quantity Individual Bags Hold
Length Width Height
SP005 SP-005-1 36cm 21cm 26cm 6 standard meals + 6 soups/deserts
SP007 SP-007-1 42cm 26cm 25cm 12 standard meals or 30 soup/salads/deserts
SP009 SP-009-1 39cm 24cm 31cm 14 standard meals or Soup Cup Holder - 24 Cups
Or, 8 cups and 8 meals
SP018 SP-018-1 51cm 25cm 31cm 18 standard meal
SP024 SP-024-1 46cm 36cm 28cm 24 standard meal
SP062 SP-062-1 62cm 36cm 33cm 2 Bain Marie dishes

Please call to speak to our sales representative so we can assist you with your specific needs and requirements.

We can customize to your needs with size, Logo and trim colouring
(Minimum quantity of 100 required)

Dalby Meals on Wheels have been using the new Sof-Pac eskies for a few months now and are very happy with them. Meals stay much hotter than in the old eskies for much longer. In addition, the meals are easier to stack in the Sof-Pacs. Most of our volunteers have commented favourably. Thank you.

Terrie Maiden Secretary/Co-ordinator, Dalby Meals on Wheels

Sof Pac Bag Accessories

SOF-PAC® Shelf - $27.50

  • With the Sof-Pac® Shelf and Flexible Ice Blankets you can layer your commodities for optimum temperature control
  • Insulates each compartment while bag is opened
  • No more meals sinking into those below!
  • The bottom meals will stay as hot or as cold at the END of your delivery run as when you first put them in

SOF-PAC® Insert - $27.50

  • Stops spillage into Sof-Pac® Bags
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Washable with soap and water
  • Hygienic and food safe

    SOF-PAC® Strap - $4.40

    • Assists in carrying of Sof-Pac® Bags

    Heat Pak - $64.90

    • Assists in Keeping Meals Hot
    • Made with Organic Phase Change Materials
    • Designed and Manufactured in Australia
    • The ideal solution for keeping meals hot during deliveries
    • Ensures all meals are delivered at or above 65°C and in line with the Australian Food Delivery Standards. 

    Iceepak Data Loggers - Used to monitor internal temperatures of your Sof-Pac Bags - $149.50

    The Iceepak Bluetooth Data Logger is a cable free, blue-tooth dual channel Temperature Data Logger. Available with or without an external temperature probe. The data logger is completely controlled via your mobile phone (Iphone or Android). The temperature log can be saved as a PDF or Excel file and emailed from your phone to your computer for analysis.

    • Real time temperature display on your phone
    • Real time alarms direct to your phone
    • No cables required
    • Programming & data download wirelessly through Bluetooth
    • Dual channel measurement for temperature mapping across the bag
    • Simple Data downloading in seconds
    • Free iOS & Android APP are provided for smart devices
    • Generate and save PDF reports through the APP
    • Reports contain data summary, graph and detailed data
    • IP65 rated enclosure

    Carton of Flexible Ice Blankets - $217.80 inc. GST

    This patented self contained packaging refrigerant maintains the critical temperature range significantly longer than anything else on the market to keep things cool. The clean sealed cells are filled with non-toxic liquid and are flexible even when frozen.

    • A carton of Flexible Ice Blankets contains one continuous sheet measuring 10.5m x 43cm
    • As a blanket it delivers continuous even insulation eliminating hot spots
    • Each cell remains at 0° while one ice crystal remains
    • Cut between pouches to customize size required
    • You don’t have to hydrate Flexible Ice Blanket
    • Flexible Ice Blanket are hygienic and will not absorb any spills
    • Washable in mild detergent/bleach

    View Flexible Ice Blanket Product Page

    We will cut sheets of Flexible Ice Blanket to your requirements

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