About Us

ICEEPAK Australia is proud to be an Independently Family Owned Australian Company. We are the sole manufacturer of the fully insulated SOF-PAC® delivery bag and the certified and branded ‘Australian Made and owned’ FLEXIBLE ICE BLANKET.

Please contact us on 1300 559 568, we're always happy to discuss your special requirements.

This ensures that the products you're purchasing are suitable for your needs.

Our products are used by over 400 Meals on Wheels services and other food delivery organizations throughout Australia. The SOF-PAC® delivery bag and FLEXIBLE ICE BLANKET allow their kitchens to conform to HACCP food safety guidelines for meal deliveries for extended periods of time where it is critical to maintain temperatures 5°c and below for cold food and the SOF-PAC® delivery bag helps maintain temperatures above 60°c for hot meals.

We strive to provide the total solution for temperature control when transporting food.

Our SOF-PAC® delivery bag and FLEXIBLE ICE BLANKETS are used by hospitals and pharmaceutical logistic companies in Australia and New Zealand to transport serum, vaccines, blood samples, plasma and medical supplies.

Over the last few years we have evolved from a company greatly concerned about the transportation of hot and cold food and pharmaceuticals to designing and manufacturing products to address sports injuries, heat stress, promotional gifts and animal care. We manufacture:

  • A large range of sports wraps which include the Ankle, Knee and Elbow (AKE) Wrap, Shoulder, Back and Hamstring Wrap. They are easy to use and are drip free.
  • The Cool Vest / Ice Vest to address the side effects of heat stress such as fatigue, nausea and headaches, decision making in the workplace and at home, by cooling the body's core temperature.
  • Products to combat heat stress and muscle injury in horses such as hock and leg wraps. The neck and body rugs available, are now only for foals.
  • A promotional and gift range which can be customized to incorporate company and sporting club logos on hats, shirts, bags, water bottles, bottle wraps and beer jug wraps.
  • All enquiries are welcome.

ICEEPAK Australia imported the first container of Cryopak Flexible Ice Blankets™ in 2003. We are lucky enough to have the inventor and patent holder, Lin Henry, as one of our consultants. Mr Henry came up with this idea in the late 1980’s to ship blood and blood products.

Most of our products are based around the Flexible Ice Blanket and we discover new uses for them all the time, even as cooling mats for puppies.

We also help client’s design special packaging for those out of the ordinary products that require special handling and critical temperature maintenance.

Please contact us to discuss anything you may be interested in relating to temperature control: hot or cold.

We strive to provide the most efficient, economical, safe and user friendly products not only for safety in transporting food and medicine but also for comfort and healing.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Personalized and Efficient Service

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