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  • Transport cold and frozen food, Vaccines, Serum & Blood.
  • Great for lunch boxes, camping, picnics, sporting events, travelling.
  • Spread between food layers for maximum effect.
  • Pre-chill or freeze food prior to putting in container.
  • Wrap Ice Blanket around items in esky or container.
  • Freeze ice blanket overnight prior to use.
  • Hygienic, non-absorbent, re-usable and washable in mild detergent.
  • Non-toxic, Food safe product.
  • Wrap in towel and apply to affected area for minor sporting injuries, and swelling.
  • Do not eat.
  • Cut to preferred size

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Size (55mm) Code Measurements Price Inc. GST
Carton IB-80-12x136-1 10.6m x 44cm one continuous sheet $ 217.80
1 Meter IB-80-12x13-1 1 x 12 cells (44.00cm) by 13 rows (1 meter) $ 33.00
Sizes For Lunch Bags & Eskies
Mini IB-80-6x4-1 1 x 6 cells (22.00cm) by 4 rows (32cm) $ 5
Medium IB-80-8x4-1-4x4-1 1 x 8 cells (29.50cm) by 4 rows (32cm)
1 x 4 cells (14.50cm) by 4 rows (32cm)
$ 10
Large IB-80-12x3-2 2 x 12 cells (44.00cm) by 3 rows (24cm) $ 14
Esky Ice Blanket IB-80-12x8-1-ESK 1 x 12 cells (44.00cm) by 8 rows (64cm) $ 22.00

Flexible Ice Blanket Information:

  • 1 kilo of ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ can be spread over a larger area than 1 kilo of blue/gel packs
  • Maintains a refrigerator temperature, kilo for kilo, better than any other controlant
  • Distributes cold evenly eliminating any hot spots
  • Uses less space, covers more area
  • Can be cut to size for all your cold storage needs
  • Will not freeze or burn food or pathology specimens
  • More sanitary than ice, is non-absorbent so bacteria can't grow
  • HACCP approved non-toxic food grade film
  • Re-usable over and over again
  • Easy to clean
  • Washable in mild detergent/bleach
  • Water in Flexible Ice Blanket is clean and sterile
  • Ultra Violet treatment to inactivate microorganisms
  • Culligan water filtration system for purity
  • Will not contaminate food if ruptured
  • UV-treated water has not been chemically treated
  • Can be placed directly on skin for swelling
  • Protects as a cushion, withstands 60psi
  • Use to prolong ice
  • Use when no power to 12v fridge

FLEXIBLE ICE BLANKET is the original and most hygienic ice product to keep food cold for meal deliveries, fish and even live crabs and is used by Meals on Wheels throughout Australia. It is also used by Immunization Organizations for the transportation of sensitive pharmaceutical items and vaccines. You can use ‘Flexible Ice Blankets’ to wrap around perishables when doing your home shopping, children’s lunches or to prolong food staying frozen longer, especially when travelling. When camping, simply plan your meals; steak, sausages, stews etc, freeze, then layer in our Sof-Pac® bag or Esky Cooler between sheets of frozen Flexible Ice Blankets for optimum chill factor. ‘Flexible Ice Blankets’ are more versatile than an ice pack because it is a flexible blanket of ice which can be wrapped around food and bottles ensuring they are totally insulated to stay cool longer. They are the best ice alternative when you discover how to keep things cool and frozen without everything floating in melting ice. While one ice crystal remains in the cell the temperature is still 0°C.

The ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ film is a food grade and non-toxic product approved by HACCP. The liquid in ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ is also food grade, non-toxic and will not contaminate any product should the cells be punctured.

The ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ is made up of separate cells which distribute the cold evenly eliminating any hot spots. Unlike traditional gel and ice / cold packs the ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ system will continue to work even if several cells are ruptured as only a minimal percentage of the chill factor is lost.

Unlike crystals which need to be soaked, the ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ does not need to be hydrated and will not absorb any spills. It can be washed with mild detergent or bleach after each use avoiding any build up of germs and bacteria causing odours. Just place back in your freezer overnight ready to be used again and again. ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ will last for years when due care is taken.

'Flexible Ice Blanket' was originally conceived and manufactured to transport whole blood, serum, plasma and other blood derivatives at a temperature between 2°C -8°C. ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ is also used to transport vaccines and heat labile diagnostics. The ‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ pouch is designed to prevent blood products from being frozen regardless of ambient temperatures.

‘Flexible Ice Blanket’ is NOT capable of freezing any pathology test specimen as the liquid’s phase change temperature is above 0°C and they can be used for sports injuries and applied directly to the skin as it won’t burn, even when frozen.

When frozen Flexible Ice Blankets are used to keep pathology specimens at refrigerator temperature, they can be kept and transported in this environment (between 2°C to 8°C) for up to 8 hours, when correctly packed in a Sof-Pac® insulated container.

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