Data Recording, Monitoring and Alarming

Iceepak Australia understands that when it comes to caring for temperature sensitive items, the monitoring of internal temperatures is a must. We strive to provide the total solution in temperature control.

Our products ensure the safety of temperature sensitive items and assist in the following of set guidelines.

Power Monitor and Alarm

Walking in to find that the fridge / freezer failed last night and all of the contents have to be thrown away is a very dispiriting experience as well as a very expensive one. There are 2 main reasons that this occurs, and the first one is by far the most common:

  • Power failure. This can range from an individual circuit that the fridge is plugged into, to the whole building losing power, to the local transformer tripping, or because the entire neighbourhood loses power.
  • The compressor on the fridge / freezer stops working.

To manage the risks, there are a number of steps that can be taken, and these range in complexity and cost.

For Power Issues:

a) Monitor the power supply to the fridge / freezer and send an alarm.

b) Supply an alternative power supply that automatically starts working when the mains power goes off.

For Compressor Failures:

c) Monitor the temperature in the fridge / freezer and send an alarm.

d) Have an empty standby fridge / freezer to transfer the contents of the fridge / freezer with the failed compressor.

Iceepak do not supply new fridges and freezers. But, we do have a solution to steps a. and c. (and we are working on step b. also).

Battery Powered - Power and Temperature Monitors that Alarm on the Mobile Phone Network.

Our Monitor and Alarm Units constantly monitor the power on the circuit they are plugged into and if no power is seen they send a text message (to up to 3 phone numbers) to let you know there is a problem.

They also have an optional external probe that can be fitted to the fridge / freezer that will alarm if the temperature rises (or falls).

Our units work on all 3G and 4G networks.

We can also pre-program the units for you (as long as you have mobile coverage on the Aldi network) so all you have to do is plug in and switch on.


Power Monitor

Iceepak Australia's power socket is a simple remote power monitoring device. It will automatically send an SMS on 240V Power Failure and Recovery. An optional temperature sensor* (2 Metres Long) is also available and can be included with the socket and will automatically send an SMS when the temperature is outside of a specified range.

  • Real-time Power Monitoring
  • SMS Alert of Power Failure
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring*
  • SMS Alert of Temperature Changes*

  • Bluetooth DataLogger

    The Iceepak Bluetooth Data Logger is a cable free, blue-tooth dual channel Temperature Data Logger. Available with or without an external temperature probe. The data logger is completely controlled via your mobile phone (Iphone or Android). The temperature log can be saved as a PDF or Excel file and emailed from your phone to your computer for analysis. 

  • Real time temperature display on your phone
  • Real time alarms direct to your phone
  • No cables required
  • Programming & data download wirelessly through Bluetooth
  • Dual channel measurement for temperature mapping across the bag
  • Simple Data downloading in seconds
  • Free IOS & Android app provided for smart devices
  • Generate and save PDF reports through the app
  • Reports contain data summary, graph and detailed data
  • IP65 rated enclosure

  • Purchase Product

    SIM Supply is based on ALDI's data only SIM.
    40 SMS messages included as standard per year.
    Additional recharges will be charged at $20 per recharge.
    Currently ALDI Credit is valid for 365 days before expiry.

    Power Monitor Only


    Power Monitor with SIM

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    Bluetooth Data Loggers


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